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2018-19 Referee Pay Scale

Game Fee Amounts by Level of Play

Fee Distribution by Position

Net game fees are distributed by position worked. Duals split the gross game fee billed for 2 officials with 50% to each official.

For each fee distribution, 8% is deducted automatically from the official's fees.
5% covers the commissioner fees for assigning games, services, etc.
3% covers MVSRA membership dues which support referee training, administration, etc.


Mileage is reimbursed at the end of the season. Every referee is responsible for reporting his or her own mileage. All collected mileage payments from MVSRA clients are put together into one pot. From this pot, an individual referee's percentage of miles driven to total miles submitted is paid out. This ensures the same rate is paid to all officials that submit mileage claims (not to exceed the maximum allowed mileage rate specified by the OSAA of 50¢ per mile).

Read more about submitting mileage »

ArbiterPay EFT Schedule

Fee Distributions

Fall Fee Distribution #1 (FFD1) . . . 9/16/2018

Fall Fee Distribution #2 (FFD2) . . . 10/7/2018

Fall Fee Distribution #3 (FFD3) . . . 11/11/2018

Fall Fee Distribution #4 (FFD4) . . . 12/15/2018
Play-Offs & Mileage

Getting Paid

All Fall Fee Distributions will be disbursed via ArbiterPay on the dates listed above.


» OSAA Officials Fee Schedule

Help with ArbiterPay

Log into your MVSRA member account to view a helpful walkthrough with screen-shots on how to transfer funds from ArbiterPay to your bank account.